Submitting and Displaying of Queries

The Research Committee typically meets on Wednesdays from 10 a.m to noon at the Lynnfield Public Library in the Local History and Genealogy room. For research queries related to Essex County, Massachusetts, please include all information you have on the person(s) and the source(s). To avoid duplication of effort please indicate what has already been checked.

Email inquiries to with subject ESOG Research Query, or

Mail inquiries to Research Committee, ESOG, PO Box 313 Lynnfield, MA 01940-0313. 

There will be a charge for photocopies and also postage if no SASE is enclosed. Or if you would prefer to discuss in person or learn about the collection, stop in.

If we choose to post your query in the The Essex Genealogist and/or this Query section of our website, we will post your email address unless you tell us in the body of the email that you don't want your email/lastname posted.

Cheney Genealogy

Charles Henry Pope's "The Cheney Genealogy," published in 1897, has been re-issued by New London Librarium in two volumes. Part I follows the descendants of William Cheney, who arrived in MBC in 1635. Part II follows John Cheney, who arrived at about the same time. The publisher is calling for anyone related to anyone in the book (over 900 Cheneys) to contribute genealogical information for Cheney descendants born after 1895.