Scarborough Hill of Gloucester

I am trying to find out information on one Scarborough Hill who in 1768 married Elizabeth Simms in Boston. He was noted as being from Gloucester, Massachusetts. Notably I am looking for his parents, brothers or sisters.



Dear Bill,

After searching through the records at the Lynnfield Library we were not able to find any information on Scarborough Hill or his family in Gloucester.  We do have the vital record of his marriage as you stated.  On, there is mention of a book named Symmes Memorial: A Biographical Sketch of Rev. Zechariah Symmes ....  This record says that Elizabeth is the daughter of Andrew Symmes. also shows that the marriage is recorded at Presbyterian Church on Long Lane which is now Federal St.  (Boston).

There is some indication of a Scarborough Hill living in Manchester, MA. after the marriage date. I am sorry we could not find any information prior to the marriage.

Happy hunting,

The Research Team of the Essex Society of Genealogists