Samuel Packard, b. 1805 Haverhill?

Captain Samuel Packard, was supposedly born about 1805 in Haverhill, Essex Co, MA.  Page 12 of the enclosed death certificate states that his father was born in Haverhill.  All other records just state MA.
I am hoping you might be able to see if you have any records that connect to Samuel.  Of course, my goal is to find his parents and anything else that might pertain to him in Essex Co.  He was married to Elizabeth Wakefield, but I don’t believe she has a connection there.
I have found a Samuel Prker in your 1830 Census, however, I’m guessing that is the Head of House whom would be too old to be him, but if his father was also Samuel, there is a chance this family is his.  He could be the Male under 30.
Please let me know what I need to send for any research you might be able to do for me.  I look forward to hearing from you.
Kathie Knuth Micko, Sarasota FL


Dear Kathie,

The Lynnfield Library has the vital records for Haverhill. We checked them and found no reference to a Samuel Packard or Parker. We checked the town of Bradford as well, as Bradford is now part of Haverhill - nothing was found there either.

Perhaps one of our members has an answer for you. This query will be posted on our web site and in our Journal for the possibility that someone will respond.


The Research Committee of the Essex Society of Genealogists