Wallace Family in Essex County?

I am researching an ancestor of mine by the name of Bartholomew Wallace whose family migrated to Claiborne County, Mississippi in the 19th century. I know that his wife and children and possibly himself are all buried in Claiborne County in the Wallace family cemetery. He was born ca 1770, Beverly, Essex Co., Massachusetts. His wife was Elizabeth born 12 Oct 1772 or 1773, died 13 or 22 Feb. 1854. Children were Elizabeth, James and Catherine. I have been trying to find some information on-line but is seams there where many Bartholomew Wallace’s from that area and I haven’t found an exact match to mine.

Do you know of any literature on this family or could recommend something to me?

Chad Coutch, Edwards, MS



After checking the "Vital Records of Beverly, Massachusetts to the end of the year 1849" we could find no birth mention for a Bartholomew Wallis/ Wallace. We also checked the marriage records and could find no mention of a marriage for a Bartholomew to an Elizabeth. There is mention of a Bartholomew Wallis in "Beverly Men in the War of Independence, Remarks Before the Beverly Historical Society on the Occasion of the Unveiling of Commemorative Tablets April 9, 1930." He is listed along with Caleb Wallis, Jr, and Ebenezer Wallis as men who served in the Revolutionary War. He is also mentioned in "Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolutionary War", Vol: 16 as serving in the seacoast company in defense of the coast.

It would seem that this could be the ancestor of your Bartholomew even if we have no record of the connection here in the library. However, since this Bartholomew was a patriot and there is an entry for a Bartholomew in the DAR Patriot Index, there might be an online application that a relative of yours filled out and could have helpful information for you.


The Research Committee of the Essex Society of Genealogists