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Littleton Library Genealogy Meeting

  • Reuben Hoar Library 191 Foster St Littleton, MA, 01460 United States (map)

Subject: April Genealogy Meeting Monday April11, 2016

Place: Littleton Library, Couper Room, Lower Level

Theme:  Location, location. location .  .  .   (discussion group meeting)

Subtitle:  A Five Generation Pedigree Chart of Ancestor Place of Birth (optional date)

Goals:  Find new hints to pursue in our searches

            Discover a new perspective in viewing our “family tree”

            See relationships through place rather than name

Actions: View a pedigree chart(s) that displays known information in a  different way

          View places/regions in common  with other members to glean resources for that area

          Have FUN with a trending topic that is on the internet

Discussion:  What family members moved most often or stayed in place

             What possible country/world events could have influenced them to move

             What different branches moved to the same areas at different times

             Can place be as important to seeking ancestor history as name

What to Bring:  (your presence is enough) but if you choose.  .  .  

Before the Meeting: How often has Genealogy been a hot topic on the internet?

Refer to the following websites to see what was trending on social media - blogs, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

    Please plan to attend even if you don’t choose to make these chart(s)



This is the blog site (geneaspy) of J. Paul Hawthorne who started the phenomena on his Facebook page on March 23rd - (I don’t use Facebook, so I can’t give you that exact URL)



This is the blog site (Ancestories) of Miriam J. Robbins who offers a way to create your Pedigree chart - including text and colors through using Microsoft Excel -  Mac owners can also download to Numbers for their charts - for those who “need to do a bit more,” and to help in discussion questions, you may want to include the date of birth as well

This is a blog site (Finding Forgotten Stories) of Anne Gillespie Mictchell who offers an added option



If you are computer challenged to use Excell or Numbers - consider making your own chart from one of these free downloads or one of your own making