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Preserving and Sharing Family Artifacts - Joseph Jackson

Make photographs and recordings available to your family members on the web through scanning photos or documents, photographing treasured family heirlooms and recording stories. Learn how to organize these treasured memories. This is one solution to making cherished family history available to all of your connected family members. The overall benefit is that family members' collections and previous research can reach a larger audience of descendants.

Exposed to preservation, transcription, and archiving as a teen after finding a treasure trove of thousands of family records pigeon-holed into an heirloom secretary cabinet dating back to the 1820s, Joseph Jackson is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle research engineer searching for ancestors. He excavates their social footprint in the multiple printed and digital records that bring rich context to a person's life. Experienced in interviewing people, publishing family blogs and several photo books, and leading a weekly "Family Search Night," Joe found that technology had great power to collect, organize, and archive information from a variety of family and online sources. He lives in Wilmington, Mass., with his wife Jennifer, and their three boys.