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Making the Most of Your atDNA Test - Shellee A. Morehead, PhD, CG

When you get your DNA results, what’s next? Find out what to do with your data using your testing company website, third party websites and your genealogy database. This lecture will describe a variety of different ways that you can use your DNA results for expanding your family history research, such as utilizing various third party websites to assist in analyzing your results, showing how to use your genealogy database to make charts using DNA, and explaining why it helps to download your raw data from your testing company. Shellee will discuss how to develop a project for your family and identify people who might make interesting study subjects for DNA testing. Check out GedMatch, Promethease and other websites and learn how to make the most of your DNA test results.

Shellee Morehead, PhD, CG, solves complex genealogical problems, writes and teaches genealogy and biology. She is Rhode Island-based, and specializes in Rhode Island, Italian-Immigrant, French-Canadian and genetic genealogy research.